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For a top quality carpet, it doesn’t come better than wool. Wool is an incredible material. Natural, durable and soft, a wool carpet has so many benefits for the modern home.



Wool carpets being predominantly made from natural fibres; have much less impact on the environment than a 100% synthetic carpet. Wool is of course biodegradable and doesn’t contaminate our oceans.



The rich soft feeling of walking on a quality wool carpet is unmatched. But this comfort doesn’t stop with the luxurious softness you’ll enjoy as you relax at home. Natural wool is renowned for heat insulation, making your home more cosy.



The natural springiness of wool helps keep your wool carpets resilient over time and extends their good looks. Your wool carpet will help prevent slips and provides a softer landing if anyone takes a tumble; perfect for homes with small children.


Fire Safety

With lower flammability ratings than synthetic alternatives, you will have the reassurance of a safer home. Put simply, wool doesn’t catch fire easily.






Pile Content

80% Wool 20% Synthetic Fibre


Heavy Domestic

Weights Available

40oz, 50oz

Widths Available

4 Metres, 5 Metres

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